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UAV Flayer

Mining Survey
Mining Survey

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Mining Bunyu Island
Mining Bunyu Island

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Mining Survey
Mining Survey

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PUMA Engineering (Survey & Soil Investigation Consultant)
PUMA Engineering is a Survey Consultant Company ( www.puma-eng.com) . Our services are below:

Topographic Survey


  • DGPS Observation

  • Green Field Surveys

  • Development Land Survey

  • Highway & Road Surveys

  • Stock & Volumetric Survey



CAD/ GIS Services


  • Land Use Existing

  • Geological Mapping

  • Slope Analysis

  • Watershed and Catchment Area Analysis

  • Digitize from Satellite Imagery

  • Generate DSM from Satellite Imagery



Hydrographic Survey


  • Positioning Barge Management System

  • Multi Beam and Single Beam bathymetric Survey

  • Side Scan Sonar

  • Sub Bottom Profiling

  • Magnetometer Survey

  • Current Observation

  • Meteorological




BIM Modelling Services


  • Converting 2D drawings to 3D BIM Architectural model

  • Preparation of 3D Models for the Complete Structure

  • Clash Coordination4D Simulation

  • Rendered views of Mechanical BIM Model



UAV Photogrammetry


  • Topographic

  • Photogrammetric

  • Mapping Pipeline

  • High Voltage

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Environmental




Soil Investigation


  • Land Geotechnical Investigation

  • Marine Geotechnical Investigation

  • Soil Testing Laboratory

  • Cone Penetration Test

  • Geotechnical Drilling

  • Electrical Resistivity

  • Seismic Refraction

  • Downhole Seismic

  • GPR (Ground Penetration Radar)



Our Services Gallery

Topographic Surveys


Bathymetric Surveys

UAV Fixed-wing

Geotechnical Drilling

Catchment Analysis

DGPS Observation & RTK

Tide Measurement

UAV Multirotor

DCPT 2.5 Tonne

3D Modelling

Setting Out

Positioning RTK

Ground Control Point

Hand Auger

Road/ Highway Design

Measured Building Surveys

Side Scan Sonar

Processing Photogrammetry

Ground Penetration Radar

Road  Simulation

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