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Hydrographic Surveys

PUMA provides services to all levels and kinds of agencies, international oil companies, and private industry for over-water developments. Projects range from ports, harbors, offshore wind, LNG terminals and platforms, to cable and pipeline landing sites. Services apply to inland studies of rivers, levees, reservoirs, and dams. Services include:

Integrated surface and bathymetry surveys


Hydrographic surveys for ports, harbors, dredging, and navigation


Beach profiles and revetment conditions

Nautical charting


Bridges and support structure scour and condition surveys




PUMA perform Hydrographic survey for proposing marine pipeline route, survey for existing marine pipe, positioning during marine pipe construction work, including :

● Positioning Barge Management System.

● Multi Beam and Single Beam Bathymetric Survey.

● Side Scan Sonar.

● Sub Bottom Profiling.

● Magnetometer Survey.

● Current Observation.


● Meteorological.


Global Position Systems (GPS)


PUMA survey capabilities benefit from continued investment in technological innovation. The group maintains global satellite coverage for the STARFIX and OMNISTAR differential global positioning systems (DGPS). In addition, PUMA is the leader in the development of on-the-fly (or real time) Kinematic GPS (frequently referred to as OTF or RTK).

Hydrographic Survey Systems


PUMA provides a full scope of survey and related services around the world, including Land Surveys, Hydrographic Surveys, Oceanographic Surveys, Positioning and Navigation services, Site Investigations, Cable and Pipeline Route Surveys, QC Surveys, Desktop Studies, etc. Services cover the Oil and Gas Industry, Infrastructure Projects, Subsea Telecommunications and Pipelines, etc.

Mapping Systems


With AutoCAD, Micro-Station, Terramodel, CARIS, TRITON, and ArcGIS, the company has automated our entire mapping system. These advanced software programs help manage data, build base maps, calculate volumes, and serve as a check for re-computing field computations. These programs allow the company's surveyors and hydrographers to quickly produce detailed, accurate drawings, saving substantial time in rework and reproduction costs. Interactive surface modeling, terrain modeling, triangulated irregular network (TIN), quantity computations, GIS, and contouring are valuable features of our computerized mapping services.

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