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PT. PUMA Engineering (Survey & Site Investigation Consultant)
PUMA Engineering is a Survey Consultant Company ( . Our services are below:

Digital Construction


PUMA engineering Digital Construction Division offer 3D Laser Scanning for geospatial survey services to the construction, infrastructure and MEP industries.



Topographical Surveys


​PUMA engineering deliver highly accurate and detailed drawings and models of both natural and built environments



Soil Investigation

PUMA engineering Soil Investigation Division offer Geotechnical Field Test and Laboratory Analysis of soil condition, Infrastructure and Building.



Geo-physic Survey

PUMA engineering Geophysics Survey Division offer GPR, Geo-Electric, Seismic Refraction and Downhole Seismic.



Building Information Modelling

BIM is a complete digital representation of every physical asset and the information core of every project.



Asset Inspection

PUMA engineering Inspection Division offer Flare Stuck, Tower Telecom and Tank Storage Inspection use Drone Technology.

Hydro-graphic Survey

PUMA engineering Hydrographic Survey Division offer Bathymetric Survey, Side Scan Sonar, Sub-bottom profile, Magnetometer, Current Meter and Tidal Observation.



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Aerial Survey

PUMA engineering Aerial Survey Division offer Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR Scanner using UAV/ Drone.



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