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Company Profile

PT PUMA ENG is the leading land and engineering surveying company in the Indonesia. we have now over 50 employees in Indonesia. We cover many areas of surveying such as BIM, laser scanning, topographic surveys, setting out, monitoring, road, rivers, soil investigation, measured building surveys, utility & GPR and more.

At PUMA ENG, our focus is to get the best people and provide continuous training and career development for them, so that we can deliver superior value to our clients. The majority of our clients have been with us for a long time due to the quality of our work.

We constantly invest in the most up-to-date surveying equipment and technology that benefits our clients from both a risk and cost perspective. As a company we have developed a plan to standardize and document processes, train employees and implement our integrated management system. The introduction of the management system has allowed for constant growth and development, with the ability to identify areas for improvement.

Our Mission

At PUMA ENG, our company ethos is very much centered on delivering the most versatile, extensive and price-friendly surveys to both our public and private clients across the country. Surveying isn’t just what we do; our goal is to understand and meet your requirements while ensuring you benefit from the most cost-efficient survey solution to suit your needs.

Client commitment and a highly skilled and dedicated staff have driven our growth over the past number of years. In addition, we maintain a superior level in quality control and strive to ensure we deliver the most cutting-edge technology to our clients at all times. Continuous investment in this advanced technology and equipment has ensured repeat business from a satisfied client base.

Our aim is to maintain the excellent reputation we’ve worked hard to achieve and at all times, stay ahead of the competition. As one of the most professional, competent and innovative surveying firms in Indonesia, clients can be assured that the service they receive will be of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on maintaining an efficient Quality Control System and our attention to detail is second to none. For these reasons, PUMA ENG is head and shoulders above its competitors in the market.


Health & Safety

PUMA engineering commitment to health and safety for our staff, clients and members of the public is at the forefront of our company priority.



Quality Policy

PUMA engineering is fully committed to the provision of a quality service that meets or exceeds customer requirements and expectations.



Environmental Policy

PUMA engineering strive to positively contribute to our planet’s social, economic and environmental sustainability for a better future.



Modern Slavery Policy

PUMA engineering ensures there is transparency in our own business and in our approach to tackling modern slavery throughout our supply chain.


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